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Commercial clients: when is it time to get your property demolished?

Your office premises, warehouse, or industrial park buildings may have outlived their usefulness and need to be demolished. Below are some of the reasons that may signal the time to get the property demolished.

The property is too old for a facelift

If the property is too old to look good even with renovations here and there, it may be the time that you brought it down and constructed a new premise. The image of the brand is also affected by the quality of the building at the premises. If the property does not appeal to the clients, the brand will not appeal to them too.

Property is made with hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead-based paints

Asbestos has been proven to be carcinogenic. Despite its flame retardant qualities, it is not safe to be used in any construction. Lead based paints are also unsafe for human occupancy. While lead-based paint can be removed asbestos are hard to remove completely. The best option is to bring down the building. Local building inspectors in Melbourne may advise the demolition of any building that does have asbestos in their regular inspections.

When you need bigger floor space

You may want to expand the factory or the office to accommodate more employees, new departments or production equipment but the design of the house may not allow for expansion. This is usually the case when you need to add new floors, but the foundation cannot hold the added weight. In such a case, it is advisable to bring down the property and just build another to the size that you need.

Buying a piece of land with existing structures

If you have identified and bought a piece of land that has buildings that you would not use, you need to demolish them and building your own. You may be relocating to a bigger space, near your client or the raw materials.

Property that costs too much for renovation

If your premises costs so much to maintain, or the costs of renovation are likely to be so high, it may be better to bring the house down and build another one. It I easier to design a house that meets your need from scratch rather than redesigns an existing house.

Structural problems

If the property has a weak foundation, there are crack appearing across the wall or the supporting pillars are buckling due to the weight of the house, the house is a safety risk and needs to be brought down.

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