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How long does a demolition job on a house take?

Every building that is too bad to be renovated should be brought down. The process involves blowing up the building or using an excavator to demolish the structures. The demolition of the building takes a few days but depends on the size of the building and its location. The weather also plays a part in determining the length of the demolition project

Here is a breakdown of major activities in the demolition process and the length of time each activity takes.

Disconnection and capping off utilities

The utility companies such as power, water, telephone, gas and sewerage companies will disconnect the supply from the condemned building. This can be done in a day. However, given that the companies may not come on the same day, the process may take two to three days.

Stripping of materials and fixtures to be salvaged

If you would need to use materials such as the doors, the doors, the roofing and a number of fixtures in the house, you need to strip them before the house is brought down. Depending on the size of the house, this can take two to three days to be completed. For skyscrapers, the process can take over a week.

Demolition of the house

The actual demolition of the house may take a day to three days depending on the size of the building and its location. If the building is in an area where there is lots of space, it can just be blown up with explosive and flattened. However, in cities like Melbourne, care has to be taken to avoid negative effects on the surrounding houses, minimise noise, and air pollution.

Removal of the waste management

The blocks of cement have to be cut and loaded into a trailer for disposal. The same happens to steel frames and bricks in the used in the building. The cleanup of the area may take two days to a week depending on the size of the house. Waste from a demolished family home can be cleared within two days, but a commercial building may take much longer.

If there are materials that are to be salvaged, the process of clearing the waste may take much longer. This is because, the material has to be separated from the rest of the waste, sorted, and carried away. However, salvaging some material is a great way to cut costs when setting up a new building.

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