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What are the factors the come into demolition costs?

Now that you plan to demolish a building, you need to know the costs that will be involved in the action. Different factors come to play in the course of demolishing your building that adds up to the total cost. Here are some of the factors.

Scoping the project

Scoping of the project involves estimating the size of the building and planning on how it will be brought down. It is more like a survey of the structure to be demolished. During scoping of the project, the demolition expert determines the equipment to use, the safety measures to apply, and the method of demolition that causes the least disturbance to the surrounding areas. Most demolition companies charge a standard price to come up with the scope of the project.


Most of the big cities such as Melbourne require you to have a permit to bring down a building. You make an application for demolition of the house, and the authority sends a team to inspect the house before you get the approval to bring down the house. There are inspection costs that are charged for the process. Some demolition companies handle the approval process for you and the cost included in the quote.

Removal of utilities

If the house was supplied with gas, water, and electricity, the connections need to be removed before the house is demolished. There will be a cost for every supply that will be disconnected.

Removal of contaminants

If the building contains contaminants such as asbestos, lead-based paints or any other substances that may be hazardous to the general public healthy, special measures will be taken to remove the substances during demolition. This adds to the cost of demolition. The local authorities are very serious about the way contaminants are handled. In fact, the demolition company requires certification to bring down a house made of asbestos.

Waste management

After the demolition of the building, the waste needs to be removed from the area. This waste includes bricks, wood strips, cement blocks, and metallic frames among others. Services like dumpster services or junk hauling will come at a cost. The cost depends on the amount of waste generated and the location of the building from nearby landfills.

Ensure that you capture every cost that is likely to come up in demolishing your building. You can ask quotes from a few demolition experts and make an estimate for the costs of the tasks stated above. Moreover, add some little amount for any eventualities during demolitions.

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